When the Animals Saved Earth--An Eco Fable 


On a secluded island, hede in a faraway sea, the animals live in peace and prosperity. But one day, the winds of fate bring humans to their shore. Down come trees and up go houses, farms, and a bustling market. The humans capture the animals and put them to work. A great sadness falls upon the land, and only a young boy named Adam can hear the animals’ cries. Compelled to act, Adam escapes into the jungle and joins with the remaining free animals, attempting to summon the Spirit King Bersaf. Will the king bring the humans to trial for their harmful actions? Will justice be had? Will balance return to land, sea, and sky?

This multicultural environmental tale is inspired by a 1,000 year old animal fable from 10th century Muslim Iraq, which was originally translated by a Jewish rabbi at the command of a Christian king in the 14th century.

Pine & the Winter Sparrow 


The evergreen-ness of the pine tree is explained in a tale that’s possibly Cherokee but definitely Native American.

Sparrow has an injured wing but nevertheless thanks the Creator each day with his song. He cannot fly south with his family, though, as winter approaches. He seeks shelter first with Oak, then Maple, Elm and Aspen, but each tree rejects him, quite rudely. Pine, however, welcomes Sparrow, with an apology for his sticky branches and needlelike foliage, and tucks the little bird into a high, sheltered branch. When his family returns in the spring, Sparrow’s wing has healed. The Creator calls a council, admonishing the trees that had so much but would not share, proclaiming that only Pine will be green all year: “Pine, your gift to Sparrow was a gift to Me.” The language is simple, with an unornamented oral quality. Vidal has made effective patterns of birds and leaves that fill the pages as Sparrow goes from tree to tree looking for a way to survive the winter. The leaves of each tree are bright and recognizable in their autumn dress. A foreword by storyteller Robert Lewis, of Cherokee, Navajo and Apache lineage, and an author’s note add background.

A pleasing pourquoi tale. (Picture book/folktale. 5-8)


“Christians, Jews, and Muslims all pray. So do Hindus and Buddhists. Many others pray too.” So begins Everyone Prays, a bright and colorful concept book celebrating the diverse ways that people pray. In a vibrant yet accessible manner, young readers are transported on a visual tour across the globe. They will discover the Native American sun dance ceremony, visit the sacred sites in Jerusalem, behold the Shinto shrines in Japan, watch Maasai dances in Kenya, see pilgrimages to the river Ganges in India, and much, much more.
With an appendix to help answer questions children might have, Everyone Prays offers young hearts and minds a chance to learn that although people from other places and cultures may seem different, we all share the diverse world of faith and prayer. And what a bright and beautiful world it is!

What reviewers have said about Everyone Prays:

"Storyteller and author Lumbard (Angels) takes a multicultural approach to the subject of prayer. Both beginning readers and those still being read to should find this pictorial journey through the major religions' prayer practices, as depicted by Iranian illustrator Sadeghian (The Knight, the Princess, and the Magic Rock), to be informative and engaging." -Publishers Weekly 

"Using simple text, this title touches upon the traditions of prayer in the world's major religions, treating each custom with respect and reverence. The colorful, detailed illustrations will help children to understand some of the elements of the religious practices by showing scenes of prayer in many different cultures." -School Library Journal 

"Hinduism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, Buddhism, among others, are portrayed through bright  and thoughtful illustrations that illuminate the commonalities between religions in a

manner accessible to children. The notes at the back of the book offer definitions for
more advanced readers." -Foreword Reviews


Did you know that angels of all kinds are everywhere? “Some are big, some are tiny. They're all so bright and very shiny.” This lyrical, breezy, and nondenominational picture book introduces children and adults to a magical place which radiates warmth, love, and caring throughout its colorful and delicate pages. With its rich paintings, readers are transported through many colorful scenes, places and seasons to see how angels work behind the scenes, weaving their graces throughout the world.
Through Angels, readers can experience a world of gentle wonder, beauty, and comfort that makes this a perfect bedtime story. “Angels, angels, always near, protecting you, my special dear!

"This lovely little picture book is designed for adults to give to (and read with) their "favorite angel." Simple text--3 to 4 words to a page--is graced with lovely sketches of bright winged angels. Beautifully (and simply) multi-cultural, these heavenly guardians, big, small, high, low, singing, healing, and more fill the pages with love. Artist Flavia Weedn's pictures are drawn with a light touch, pastel shades, and enjoyable simplicity, while author Alexis York Lumbard's text is simple enough for beginning readers to try each sentence alone. The story's entirely non-denominational, offering opportunity for parents or guardians to weave whatever background they desire into the concept of heavenly protection. And the gentle comfort of angels watching over us, working behind the scenes of a small child's life, will surely sooth many little ones to a good night's sleep or afternoon nap. A lovely gift for the "special dear" in anyone's life, Angels is highly recommended."~Vine Voice Amazon Top Reviewer

The Conference of the Birds

Lumbard’s debut picture book retells for a young audience the most famous work by the 12th-century Persian poet Farid al-Din Attar about a pilgrimage taken by birds to meet “King Simorgh the Wise.” Sorrowing because they lack kingly guidance, the birds gather together, receive help from the inspired hoopoe, and depart on their quest. Along the way, individual birds confront spiritual obstacles: the parrot’s heavy jewelry weighs her down; the finch fears the storm; the hawk, seeking to arrive first, becomes lost. Prose narration alternates with the hoopoe’s rhymed speeches of encouragement, which contain a recurring refrain: “So do not let this impatience/ Destroy this golden chance./ Release its hold upon you now,/ And to your King advance!” Set against white full-spread backdrops, red-bordered gilt frames decorated with small birds contain Demi’s uncluttered paintings featuring brightly colored, meticulously rendered birds against pale or royal blue watercolor washes. A foreword by scholar Seyyed Hossein Nasr provides insight into Sufi poetry and bird symbolism in diverse cultures. Both prose and illustrations combine simplicity and elegance, ably rendering this classic tale for a new generation. Ages 4–8. (Sept.) (Publishers Weekly )

All the books highlighted above can be purchases at your local indie bookstore, Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or through my publisher Wisdom Tales Press as distributed by National Book Network.  Happy reading! ~alexis york lumbard

The Story of Muhammad is the first animated and interactive book app about the blessed Prophet (peace be upon him) for children ages 4 and up. Written by American Muslim children's book author Alexis York Lumbard with classically-inspired miniature paintings by Maram al-Hidmi, the book covers the most essential aspects of the Prophet's life and mission.  Based on Quran & Hadith, children will learn about the miracles surrounding his birth, his early travels, the first revelation, the central message of Islam, in addition to the Prophet's struggles and ultimate triumphs. Written as a story within a story, the essential seerah is told by a mother cat to her three kittens during bedtime. Complete with two songs, many children will learn by heart the life and story of our dear Nabi.  Thank you kickstarter donors! Without your generous support this book may not have been!

For more information please visit:  www.storyofmuhammad.info

Available Now on all major platforms (iOS, Google Play, Kindle & Nook)